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Eva-Maria Tepest

Junior Research Fellow

(present October 2016 - March 2017)

Areas of interest

  • Theories of subjectivity
  • Feminist epistemology
  • Postcolonial criticism

Research Project

Psychoanalysis, understood here both as philosophical and social theory as well as clinical practice, for one has been theorised as the critical and potentially emancipatory project of unsettling the subjectivity of the modern, rational, and often, bourgeois individual. Hence, by means of analysing ‘the exotic force that operates in the subject to push her from herself, opening a margin of separation between her and parts of herself she will never be able to assimilate‘ (Copjec), it can be regarded as challenging the modern discourses of religion, atheism, secularism, and science. Notwithstanding, psychoanalysis has been rightfully criticised for a number of biases, including the missing theorising of gendered and racialised hierarchies. While these are discussed prominently amongst feminist and post-colonial thinkers, the premises of a historically specific secular subjectivity and its parameters of pathology, anomaly and dislocation are seldomly problematised as constituted within the geneaology of psychoanalytic discourses. In bringing together these two trajectories, this research is concerned with the following preliminary research question: What are the predicaments of psychoanalytic theory and practice vis-à-vis forms of Islamicate subjectivity? In a first step, this research aims at a comparative case study of areas penetrated by psychoanalysis (Lebanon and the Maghreb) as well as ‘pioneering‘ endeavours in the countries of the Arab Gulf. In a second step, the project will look at ‘geopsychoanalysis‘ (Derrida), the institutional politics, the strategies of legitimacy within the field of psychoanalysis in the Arabic-speaking world. Here, interrelations with international psychoanalytic, mostly France-based institutions as well as local, national and regional ramifications will be considered.


2016 - present

PhD candidate, Institute for Oriental Studies, Leipzig University


MA Middle Eastern Studies, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University


Research Assistant, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University


BA Arabic Studies, Institute for Oriental Studies, Leipzig University

2012 - 2016
2011 - 2014

Student Assistant, Institute for Oriental Studies, Leipzig University