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International Symposium "Religion, Translation and Transnational Relations: Japan and (Counter-)Reformation Europe“

1-3 September

Conference venue:
Nikolaistrasse 8-10 (Strohsackpassage), 04109 Leipzig, Room 5.55

Please contact Juan Camilo Castillo Rivadeneira M.A., to register for this hybrid event.

The symposium is co-organized by Dr. Katja Triplett (Leipzig University), Dr. Yoshimi Orii (Keiō University, Tokyo) and Dr. Pia Jolliffe (University of Oxford)

The symposium examines transnational relations between Japan and (Counter-) Reformation Europe through the lens of translation. The translation concept adapted includes linguistic as well as cultural translations. Contributors analyze various translation processes including the translation of European religious thought into Japanese, the translation of Japanese and European images and artefacts and the translation of Jesuit letters from Japan. We are particularly interested in discussing the “translation” of meaning, i. e. how texts, images and artefacts were rendered culturally significant to Japanese and European audiences. We are also keen to explore the agency of translators as well as the socio-cultural and political-economic dimensions of their translation strategies.

Questions explored include:
Are similar experiences and concerns more important in this early period of transnational encounters than the construction of otherness that focus on difference?
How and to which extent did the Catholic mission in Japan contribute to the justification of Catholic “Universalism” through translation? 

Funded by the German Research Council Priority Program “Early Modern Translation Cultures” (SPP 2130) and JSPS “Probabilismand Mission” (20K00107)

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