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Rajeev Bhargava on the Trajectory and Challenges of Indian Secularism

In a recent interview with V.S. Sambandan of the Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy, our Senior Research Fellow Rajeev Bhargava elaborated on the current challenges and future prospects of Indian secularism in the light of its long-term trajectory. Particularly in the middle section of the interview, Bhargava summarises his position on the longue durée of a specifically Indian approach to religious plurality. Challenging the common distinction between modern and traditional, he again points to forms of secularity beyond and before the colonial encounter and its accompanying forms of religionisation. We are delighted to welcome Rajeev back to our Centre this week for our Conference on Eight Years CASHSS "Multiple Secularities", where he will elaborate on this theme in his presentation on the History of Religious Coexistence in India.

Read the complete interview here.