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Public Debate: "Religion, Society and Politics in the US"

On the eve of the US presidential elections, 7 November, the support association of Leipzig University's Faculty of Theology invites to a public round of talks on "Religion, Society and Politics in the US".

Traditionally religion has an important impact on everyday life as well as on politics in the US. In the presidential election campaigns of 2016 question of religious and morals policies were also central issues for the candidates as well as for the electorate. The talks will focus on the influence of religious affiliations and topics on the election process.

The event will take place on 7 November, 6 p.m. at Felix-Klein-Hörsaal (entrance via Neues Augusteum, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig). All lectures as well as the discussions will be held in German.


Opening Lecture by Crister Garret (Institute for American Studies, Leipzig University): "Können Sie es glauben? Religion und die amerikanischen Wahlen"

Report by Helge Voigt (priest of the Lutheran-Protestant Sophiengemeinde Leipzig) „Eindrücke eines Deutschen jenseits des Atlantik“

Panel Discussion on "Religion, Society and Politics in the US", chair: Gert Pickel (Faculty of Theology, Leipzig University)

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