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Podcast: The colonial affects of secular Europe

"Although European societies promise religious freedom, non-Christians remain subject to considerable discrimination. In this context, it is mostly taken for granted that there is a basic conflict between the modern secular state and the passions of religion. But what about the passions of the secular?"

Together with Jonas Bens, our  Senior Researcher Nur Yasemin Ural  produced a Podcast on The colonial affects of secular Europe for the Podcast series of the Affect and Colonialism Web Lab. The Podcast series aims to shed a critical light on colonialism’s affective lives and afterlives.

The Affect and Colonialism Web Lab is a generative space to discuss colonialism’s affective lives and afterlives. Knowledge makers within and beyond academia explore new modes of co-learning and creative forms of collaboration. The Web Lab allows for agile interventions on pressing issues related to the entanglement of affect and colonialism in various parts of the world. The Web Lab is administered by the Collaborative Research Center “Affective Societies” at Freie Universität Berlin in collaboration with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.