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Multiple Secularities on Air

The KFG's directors Christoph Kleine and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr recently gave an interview to journalist Christian Röther from Deutschlandfunk. Their discussion was broadcasted on the radio programme Tag für Tag on 6 October 2016. 

Starting from our core hypothesis that drawing up boundaries between the religious and non-religious is not an exclusive sign either of modernity or of the “West”, our directors also talk about how this approach would relate to current socio-political debates like the conflict between some Christians and school authorities in Germany, the burkini debate in France and of course the rise of the Islamic State. They explain how analysing conflicts between the religious and the non-religious all over the world with a distinct historical perspective could eventually contribute a spark of enlightenment to current debates by questioning popular assumptions.

Listen (German)

Full Article (German)

picture by Christian Röther