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Muchamad Ali Safa'at teaches at Summer School in Wittenberg

Our current Senior Research Fellow in residence Muchamad Ali Safa'at from Brawijaya University in Malang (Indonesia) will teach at the Summer School 2017 in Wittenberg from 14 to 20 August 2017. Together with our recent Fellow in residence Anna Mrozek, Christoph Enders (head of our partner project "Law and Culture") and David Abraham, he will teach and debate on the limits of tolerance:

"Are we facing an inevitable and relentless worldwide “clash of  civilizations” (Huntington)? Current migration flows and movements,  reawakening the fear of a “foreign invasion” and providing grounds for concern about inner security, place the concepts of conflict solution
through tolerance under stress. Many fear the obstruction of the  European model of peaceful co-existence, the end of the western principles of values and order, which provide for pluralism as the essential functioning element for a free society. Indeed, unlimited
tolerance would mean self-abandonment. The seminar is therefore to question the limits and boundaries of tolerance. Does tolerance become more relevant as a tool of diversity management or does an order of tolerance rather contribute to a loss of an identity-forming orientation?  The seminar wishes to explore this question with a view to the international practice, in collective readings and discussions, short lectures and by using participative teaching methods. Text extracts by, for example, John Locke, Stuart Mill or Martha Nussbaum will be read and discussed. One of the sessions will debate the understanding of tolerance in Indonesia using the blasphemy ban as an example. Another will include questions regarding the quest for the integration of migrants into the receiving society. Finally, the participants can test their own argumentative ability in a moot court dealing with the issue of the ban on wearing a full body veil in public."

The Summer School 2017 in Wittenberg, titled "Enough. Concerning Me." aims to "review the questions of our time in the light of 500 years of reformations. The reformation summer 2017 offers the opportunity to address prevailing issues and to take a stand. The topics summoned under the headline “Enough.” are cosmopolitan, interdisciplinary and interreligious."

Programme (PDF)