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Monika Wohlrab-Sahr at the Historikertag in Hamburg

Our director Monika Wohlrab-Sahr will take part in the panel discussion "History of Religions Today. A Discussion between the Disciplines" at the 51. Deutscher Historikertag in Hamburg on 23 September 2016. The Panel aims to explore the specifics of different disciplinary approaches towards the history of religion(s) as well as possible junctions between them:

The history of religions is written from different disciplinary perspectives. Theologies, history, cultural studies, and social sciences increase the knowledge of religions in the past in their specific ways. They differ not only in theories and methods, but also in their debates and research traditions. The underlying concept of religion or the understanding of the relation between religion and other societal realms depends on disciplinary preferences for one or another religion. The question whether global, European or regional contexts are subject of the scientific analysis effects the epistemology of the study of religion on a large scale. (abstract from the programme brochure)

Further participants in the discussion:

  • Claus Arnold, Mainz
  • Gangolf Hübinger, Frankfurt/O.
  • Astrid Reuter, Münster
  • Philipp Lenhard, München
  • Moderation: Martin Schulze Wessel, München