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Joint statement about the importance of fellowship programmes

The KFG "Multiple Secularities" has joined the common statement about fellowship programmes and their function in and relevance to the German academic and research system. The statement "Forschungskollegs und ihre Funktion im deutschen Wissenschaftssystem" points out that fellowship programmes are an indispensable element of the German research system as they provide leeway for individual research of eminent scholars. The inspiring community of fellows within these projects enables encounters and collaboration across disciplinary, political and cultural boundaries. This stimulating dialogue often results in new approaches that are fruitful for further research. To maintain and expand this form of collaboration it will be essential that politics as well as scientific research organisations establish sustainable funding for fellowship programmes.
Until now the declaration has been signed by more then 25 fellowship programms and Forschungskollegs.

More information on the network "Forschungskollegs in Deutschland"