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Job Offers

This is a choice of some current job offers that are somehow related to the fields of our Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies "Multiple Secularities – Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities". All information is taken from the offering institutions, please use the respective contacts to get more information or to send your applications.

The German Historical Institute (Washington, DC), is accepting applications for a 6- to 12-month Fellowship in The History of Religion and Religiosity. Potential projects could focus on (but are not limited to) the following areas: The history of any specific religious group or  groups in Germany or North America, transnational religious networks and/or the transfer of certain religious belief systems across the Atlantic, and the history of German or American religious leaders. The focus of the proposed research projects should be historical rather than theological in nature and it is essential to make use of historical methods and engage with the relevant historiography. The fellowship term begins September 1, 2017. The fellowship is open to both doctoral and postdoctoral scholars. To apply please send a cover letter, a CV, a copy of your most recent diploma or transcripts, at least one letter of reference (sent separately), a research project proposal (5-pages or 2,000 words max), and a research schedule for the fellowship period, no later than December 1, 2016. Applications should be sent electronically as single PDF via e-mail to Bryan Hart

The Research Training Group "Religious Knowledge in pre-modern Europe (800-1800). Transfers and transformations – Ways to Modern Knowledge Society" (Tübingen) is advertising 12 positions for Doctoral Candidates (TV-L E 13 –65%) available from 1 April 2017 and tenable for 36 months. Fields considered will be Theology (Church History, Liturgical Studies), History (Mediaeval and Early Modern), History of Art, German Language and literature studies, Scandinavian Studies, Medieval Archaeology, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies or any related subject. Applications should include:

  • cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates, if applicable list of publications
  • an exposé for an own research project related to the GrK 1662 (8-10 pages with one page summary at the beginning)
  • two letters of reference

Please send additionally by post:

  • academic certificates (copies)
  • a copy of Master thesis (CD-ROM)

Applications are to be submitted by 12 December 2016 and should be sent by E-mail to Christine Ruppert (one pdf-file: "name-prename-GrK 1662-Bewerbung"). Please send your documents also via post to: Christine Ruppert, Liebermeisterstr. 12, 72076 Tübingen.

The DFG Emmy Noether Junior Research Group: "The Bureaucratization of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia" at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Halle) is offering 3 PhD positions starting 1 April 2017.  The Group will investigate the bureaucratization of Islam and its socio-legal dimensions from an anthropological perspective, with a particular focus on the state's exercise of ‘classificatory power’ and its actual workings on the micro-level.The project’s design requires its members to be highly motivated to finalize a fast-track, structured PhD project within three years, with a rather heavy, constant workload. Excellent academic writing and communication skills in English are essential. Applicants should have intermediate or at least basic proficiency in the language(s) necessary to conduct fieldwork in their proposed field. The PhD positions are awarded for three years. PhD students are expected to complete an 11 months period of fieldwork over two stays in Southeast Asia as part of their studies.The workplace is Halle/Saale (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany), except when undertaking field research. Applicants should send:

  • cover letter
  • CV
  • research proposal (max. 2500 words), that is topically and methodologically positioned within the Junior Research Group’s framework
  • photocopies of university degrees
  • names and contact details of 2 referees, who may be contacted for confidential references

Please submit your application electronically by 15 December 2016 following the link for vacancies.