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Interview with University's new Turkey Expert Markus Dreßler

The KFG's Senior Researcher Markus Dreßler gave a short interview to the Department of University Communications of Leipzig University on the relation of state and religion in Turkey. The interview was published as an official press release on 2 December 2016.

Press Release

The release was published on the occasion of Dreßler's affiliation to the University's expert service which has been set up to provide specialist contacts for the media. The next opportunity to hear Dreßler talk about "Religion and State in Turkey" will be on 6 December when he gives a public talk at Café Alibi, Bibliotheca Albertina (8. p.m.).


Markus Dreßler's latest publications are:

  • “George B. Nutting: Letter to the Missionary Herald (Turkey, 1860) and Baha Said Bey: Alevi Communities in Turkey: Alevism in Convents and Alevism within Society (Turkey, 1926),” B. Bentlage, M. Eggert, H.M. Krämer, S. Reichmuth (eds.): Religious Dynamics under the Impact of Imperialism and Colonialism: A Sourcebook, Leiden: Brill 2016, 325-338.

  • "Köprülü'den İnalcık'a Tarih, Tarihyazımı ve Siyaset", Duvar Dergisi 28.2016: 23-31.

  • "Alevism Contested," Muslime im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kritik und Konformität, Cologne: Plural Publications 2016, 103-112.