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CfP: Conference on Public Life and Religious Diversity

The Department of Politics and International Relations and Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford call for papers for a conference on "Public Life and Religious Diversity", 7-9 September 2017.


Invited are proposals for presentations in the following panel sessions:

  • Andrew March, chair: Private and public ethics.
    Possible topics: controversies about forms of establishment, the limits of legislation, exemptions for economic, cultural, and social institutions.
  • Stephen Macedo, chair: Religious diversity and education. 
    Possible topics include: controversies about separation and integration in education, curriculum debates, the nature and limits of public authority, and student and parental freedom.
  • Lisa Fishbayn and Sylvia Neil, chair and discussant: Gender, sexuality and religion.
    Possible topics: controversies over reproductive rights, marriage, sexual culture, religious feminisms, religious justifications of discrimination.
  • Jocelyn Maclure, chair: Accommodation of religious diversity in democratic polities.
    Possible topics: religion as justification of legislation, exemptions, legal recognition; questions of democratic majoritarianism.

Papers that aim to explore new research avenues related to religious diversity and public life are also welcome. Possible topics include: the ethics and politics of interfaith relations; concepts of
religious moderation, extremism, fundamentalism, radicalization; public ethics in contexts of antagonism or separation.
Please send aproposal of about 300 words including title, prepared for blind review. A separate document including name, paper title, institutional affiliation, and full contact details.


Invited are proposals from potential workshop convenors. Up to 6 participants per will be funded (additional non-funded participants may also be considered). Workshops will be able to convene privately for three sessions in the first two days of the conference, and should prepare to present material from their sessions at a round table session with an audience of conference participants, towards the end of the conference. Workshop proposals should include a brief account of the intellectual and academic justification of the work; an indication of likely participants; and an indication of the anticipated outcomes of the workshop. We are particularly interested in hosting workshops which generate programmes for future research, public engagement, and publications. Proposals should consider the allocation of time between presentations and discussions of work in progress, and plenary discussion. We are able to pay travel expenses and full accommodation for speakers, presenters, and up to 6 workshop participants.
Please contact the organisers at an early stage to discuss ideas for workshops. The organisers are aiming to have finalised submissions for workshops by 30 December 2016. 

All proposals should be sent to:
For further details or queries please contact Élise Rouméas.

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